Four Road Policing Officers have completed an intensive two week training course in partnership with Lothian Buses.

This course saw the four officers complete their Category D Driving Licence, which allows then to drive Passenger Carrying Vehicles.

The course was completed in and around Edinburgh and gave officers a view into the skills and techniques required to drive and manoeuvre the vehicles in challenging situations.

PC Twigg, West Road Policing said, “The training delivered has been exceptional. We all have gained a valuable insight into the manoeuvrability of these large vehicles in different, and sometimes difficult circumstances, with the course also allowing us to see the handling characteristics of different types of the various Passenger Carrying Vehicles, including single and double decks and coaches. “It has also allowed us to see the challenges bus drivers face daily by other road and vehicle users, and will aid us in investigating incidents that involve Passenger Carrying Vehicles across Scotland.”