To celebrate Rabbie Burns, the official Scots Scriever, Dr Michael Dempster, visited RZSS Edinburgh Zoo’s Giant Lanterns of China event to recite ‘To a Mouse’ by Scotland’s national bard surrounded by Scottish myths and legends including the Benandonner of the Giants Causeway, mysterious Faerie Glen and colossal Kelpies.

Scotland’s only Chinese lantern festival was inspired by the Scottish tradition of storytelling and mythical folklore from Chinese history. The Zoo partnered with the National Library of Scotland and Creative Scotland to welcome the Scots Scriever to pay homage to the country’s most iconic poet.

Dr Michael Dempster, the Scots Scriever, said: “Rabbie Burns is, o coorse, Scotland’s maist famous bard an whit better wey fir tae celebrate than bein surroondit bi craitures fae oor myths an legends.  The event showcases the cultural significance o storytellin in Scots history an it warms the hert tae see the similarities wi traditional foklore in Chinese culture.”

Tickets for The Giant Lanterns of China are priced from £9.50 and available here.