Edinburgh Author Susan Cohen has won a top award at Scotland’s Trade Fair at the SECC, this weekend. 

Susan, set up “The Wee Scottish Book Company” to bring a range of books to Scotland and beyond,  with “The Wee Book o’ Scottish Grannies’ Sayings” being the first title under the company. 

The book, written by Susan and illustrated by Glasgow-based Jane Cornwell features sayings of Scottish grannies.

These are sayings that many remember from childhood, and also many which have been forgotten over time. They are the sayings that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you roll your eyes just as your own granny did back in the day, when she yelled in your direction, ‘ dae as ye’re telt or ye’ll git whit fur!’.

Over the coming months, the series will be added to with ‘Big Tam’s Kilted workouts’ by Glasgow life coach Tom Rannachan and ‘Scotland’s Witches An’ Wizards” by Edinburgh Psychic Medium Ewan Irvine. 

Susan won the Bronze award at the SECC Trade Fair Best Product Award, which judged exhibits from over 300 exhibitors at the show. 

Susan said : “The book shows that Scotland’s Grannies can be as philosophical as gurus and as bolshie as bikers.  And it also shows that Scottish Grannies are movin’ and shaking’ with the times.

“I am really proud to have won the award and look forward to the other titles that will be added to the range.”