The ultimate spectacle, with primary colours bursting out of the darkness. Billowing ball gowns whisking you into a magical world. All performed to Prokofiev’s irresistibly melodic score – performed live by the Scottish Ballet Orchestra – showing well-loved characters in a whole new light.

Christopher Hampson’s Cinderella is everything you adore about the classic fairy tale made fresh, funny and touching.

We meet Cinderella at the saddest of times, then see her taken for granted by her wicked stepmother and two nasty stepsisters. But there’s no time for despair as Cinderella’s fairy godmother is casting spells of dressmaker spiders, magical roses and a very special glass slipper.

Will love conquer loneliness, and light chase away the dark? Be part of the spectacle, and rediscover this classic tale.

Devised by their artistic director for Royal New Zealand Ballet in 2007, Scottish Ballet staged the European premiere of Cinderella to widespread acclaim in 2015.

Running time: The performance lasts approximately two hours and 20 minutes including two intervals.

‘Cinderella’ is on at The Festival Theatre from Saturday 8 December to Sunday 30 December 2018

Further information on dates, performance times and tickets is available on the Scottish Ballet website.