The big news about this year’s Christmas events is that the Street of Light structure on George Street will be back – but this time it will be combined with a silent disco in a new structure called Silent Light.

Underbelly are big fans of the silent disco which was all the rage at the Fringe in the summertime.

Now you can pay £4.50 for a ticket (50p goes to the Lord Provost’s charity OneCityTrust) and get a set of headphones allowing you to enjoy the show with up to 3,000 others at the west end of George Street.

The structure will have 26 arches and 60,000 lights which will be illuminated all the time and will come alive during each 20 minute show.

There will be three different kinds of show between 4.45pm and 10pm each day:

Christmas Crackers will all the festive favourites

Disco Delights specially for the party crowd

Santa’s Sparkles for families

An artist impression of Silent Night new for 2018

There will be between three and five shows each day, and this is billed as a fusion of Street of Light which began its life on the Royal Mile and then moved to George Street. It was not a completely satisfactory experience for everyone, and now they have separated out the light and the sound making it more accessible.

There will be 26,000 free tickets given to charities working for people in  Edinburgh so that as many locals can enjoy the spectacle as possible.

Silent Light is supported by Essential Edinburgh, The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square and Signature Pub Group.