Kevin Robinson is taking part in the Kiltwalk on Sunday and is raising money for the Grassmarket Community Project. Nothing unusual in that except he has an incurable form of cancer, and is on his third type of chemo this year.

He is going to do the 5 mile route. He said : “Wee Wander it may be called but it’s probably all I can manage at present.”

But he is doing the Kiltwalk to show his love for the Grassmarket Community Project (one of our favourite places too!) and to raise money and awareness of what they do.

Kevin explained : “Grassmarket Community Project offers a variety of services and projects including a cafe, woodwork and textile workshops, and an events space, which provides opportunities for some of the most vulnerable in society. It differs in terms of innovation compared to other charities in their sector as they take both a community approach as well as a so-called asset approach to their way of working. This is something in which CEO Jonny Kinross says “not all charities are able to do because they don’t necessarily have a building”.

“Not only this, key to Grassmarket Community Projects mission and the way in which they deliver their services is promotion of community spirit. It is about, accepting everyone and connecting people with their community, with Mr Kinross stating; “we eat together as a community and we share things as community”.

“I’ve dropped in on them a couple of times this year and the atmosphere within the Grassmarket Centre is just so uplifting. I even got chance to look around the Woodworking Room and spoke to Tommy who runs this area. Some of the stories he shared with me were fantastic, explaining that Grassmarket is just as much about breaking down isolation as it is about teaching skills.

“I’m delighted to be helping this cause in any way that I can as they simply help people to help themselves and are a fantastic Social Enterprise.

“Please support me if you can.”

Click here to give Kevin a hand with his fundraising.

A bug hotel which is under construction at the Grassmarket Community Project