– Show Up, Kids!

If the main attraction doesn’t show
up, the kids still want to see a comedy show!  So Pete’s gonna make
one up and have the kids (and adults) help write, direct, and design
it.  What could possibly go wrong?  From the creator of the critically
acclaimed improvised comedy, Show Up, comes a fresh, fun, interactive
twist on the traditional kids show.

Peter Michael Marino has returned to the Fringe with Show Up, which I reviewed last year, plus added a children’s version of his an improvised show, along with Sally the
Silly Song Singer, who one way or another manages to add to the fun the audience has.


I’m always wary when a performer who is used to adults decides to put on a children’s show as some are not as engaged in giving a great performance and more interested in creating an easy shift and some extra funds.


This is not the case with Show Up, Kids!, which gives a mixed audience a great show, with a mixture of songs, audience participation, crowd-sourced ideas and a quick, witty
performance by Marino.  When I was there the audience was made up of over-enthusiastic children, slightly reticent ones, engaging parents and those who were less keen.  By the end I would say all went away happy but, most importantly, there were very happy bairns in the room who were enthusiastically engaging with Marino.


As with the adult version of the show, this is not one for people who
want to sit back and be spoon-fed or dread the thought of audience
participation.  Any child who wants to giggle, shout out suggestions,
get on the stage and help with the script, props and set decoration
will love it.  Marino shows again that he knows how to adapt the
format and his performance, plus how to judge an audience.  This is a
Pay What You Want (PWYW) show but don’t be cheap when the hat comes
round and remember how much you pay to take children to the cinema.  Most of all, adults and bairns alike should show up and see this.