Labour Councillor Scott Arthur was one of last year’s new intake of councillors at the May election. In his day job he is a professor of civil engineering at Heriot-Watt University and we always find that he has something to say – and does so quite eloquently.

His Twitter feed is full of well, full to overflowing rubbish bins and many potholes.

He is definitely trying to get things done, and here he reflects on his busy year.

He writes :

 It’s  one year since I got elected as an Edinburgh Councillor in what the media said was a “shock” result – I had been predicated to come fourth! Indeed, I got elected despite my own party’s guidance saying I had no chance!

I still find it a huge privilege to have been elected to represent the community I live in and find it humbling every time a constituent asks me for help. Every day when I cycle to work from Buckstone and on through Oxgangs and Colinton I can see the impact working with local people has had over the past year.

Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time getting potholes filled, street lights fixed and bins emptied. Keeping our streets clear of litter, snow, weeds & leaves has also become a bit of an obsession. However, I focus on these “small” things so much as I feel first impressions count – the impact of getting them right is significant.

In addition to this work in the community, I am also hugely proud that my motion to the Children & Families Committee means that the School Clothing Grant for the most vulnerable households will soon almost double. I also know that my opposition to cuts to our libraries means that there will be no reduction in opening hours.

Like any politician, I let people know about the things I have been doing in the community. Much of the most important work, however, can’t be spoken about in detail. This ranges from making sure a mum gets the support she needs to support her gravely ill son to trying to get a woman out of hospital to spend her final days at home and helping people who have fallen victim of Edinburgh’s chronic housing crisis.

It’s been a big year for me in which I’ve made a load of mistakes, but I also hope I’ve managed to make a difference. People that know me will say I’m quite political, but I hope everyone in my Ward agrees that I put the community I represent before party politics every single time!

You can contact Councillor Arthur by clicking here.