Photos Zac (5) and Ellie (4) Edinburgh International Science Festival, powered by EDF Energy, marks its 30th edition this year as it opens on Saturday, 31 March with a theme of Life, the Universe and Everything.


The 30th Edinburgh International Science Festival begins today for two weeks at a variety of locations across the city. There are events for children but also many which are more suitable for adults.

Best Before : The Evolution and Future of Processed Food will be held on Thursday 5 April 2018, at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre Summerhall, and is suitable for those over 14. You can book a ticket here.

“The ability to process food has undoubtedly made us one of the most successful species on the planet, but have we gone too far? 

“The more obscure types of food processing, such as growing steaks in a test-tube and 3D-printed pizzas, seem to have come straight from the pages of a science-fiction novel. Why is it that we only tend to notice these changes when the latest scaremongering headline hits the news?

“Nicola Temple puts processed food into perspective and arms consumers with the information they need to make rational, informed decisions about their food.”

Temple is a biologist, conservationist and science writer. Her writing has taken her from the precipices of volcanoes in Ethiopia to the banks of salmon streams in Canada’s temperate rainforest. Based in Bristol, Nicola works with universities, research councils and individuals to develop engaging science stories on how research has an impact beyond the closeted world of academia. / @nicolatemple

You can read an excerpt of the book published by Bloomsbury here . Bloomsbury say :”Best Before puts processed food into perspective. It explores how processing methods have evolved in many of the foods that we love in response to big business, consumer demand, health concerns, innovation, political will, waste and even war. Best Before arms readers with the information they need to be rational consumers, capable of making informed decisions about their food.”

AND you can win one of five copies of the book by answering this simple question! Competition closes on WEDNESDAY 4 APRIL at 2p.m.


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