Calling all responsible mothers and fathers across the Central Belt, it is time again to lock up your sons and daughters (a wide selection of  ‘enhancement restraints’ are available at and send them packing, or better still, swaddled in bubble-wrap to the Dive Queer Party: Goddess Awards, on Thursday 5 April 2018.

The deliriously divine and decadently compromised delightful Hostess and Dive co-founder Miss Annabel Sings has been a-blethering into sympathetic ears here at The Edinburgh Reporter on the strict understanding that she wouldn’t go ‘too far!’ The mention of ‘strict’ causing all sorts of misunderstandings.

‘Forget those out of date, over indulgent Golden-Oscar-Gongs! Come join Dive as we celebrate the Goddess inside all of us with the star-studded awards ceremony of the season. Expect Oscar worthy drag and queer performance, massive gongs, dramatic acceptance speeches, crocodile tears, tantrums & wardrobe malfunctions! And that’s just me…’

Time to tighten-up that spandex tartan, exfoliate the twilight zones and liberally liberate those closeted great expectations in need of lubrications. You have to be in to win some original sin and then some. ‘Flamin-Go’ on the poster, can you see what they have done there? Maybe the pink is just a coincidence – maybe – meanwhile, Salisbury Crags gets its rocks off.

In association with Gilded Balloon The Dive Queer Party’s Goddess Awards opens at 8pm, stuffed full of Oscar worthy queerdo performance, drag artistry, audience games, music and mayhem. With a glittering line up of jewel encrusted sirens & drag divas including drag queen royalty The Duchess, Fedora Veronica Homburg and Rayna Destuction, up and coming drag-clown King Biff, – 60 years plus ‘not dead yet’ performance artist Kate Clayton and recent third place winner of London’s hottest drag king competition – Man Up -Agent Cooper. Also a definite for the delectable diaries of the cognoscenti will be the bosom of the proletariat unmissable Dive Queer Party: Homage. Thursday 7 June. 

The Dive family was created by Annabel Cooper and Miss Annabel Sings, two ‘Queer’ people who felt compelled to create a space to share, explore and show off our collective creativity, joy and madness in a safe, fun and inclusive environment. Dive promotes a world where – through the power of positive expression – you can be whoever you want to be, however you want be, wherever you want to be.


Dive Queer Party presents

Dive Queer Party: Goddess Awards: Thursday 5 April 2018 from 8 – 11pm
Dive Queer Party: Homage: Thursday 7 June 2018 8 – 11pm
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