Blackwell’s Book Shop ‘plants’ a Children’s Book Tree for Charity

The Children’s Giving Tree is a special way to gift a book to a child in Edinburgh who is living in difficult circumstances over Christmas. In early autumn the organisation contacted local children’s charities and women’s shelters to ask if they would like to be involved and, at 11:00am on the 8th November, author Ron Butlin, will kick off a charity event at Blackwell’s book shop on South Bridge.

Those organisations wishing to take part then ask the children to choose a particular book they would like to read, or a subject they would like to read about. These requests are then written on Christmas tags and hung on the ‘Book Tree’ in the Children’s department of the shop. Every year the Blackwell’s Elves work very hard to source the perfect book for each child.

Members of the public can then select a tag from the tree and buy a book for one of the children. Just before the holidays the books will be wrapped and handed over to the organisations who give them to the children for Christmas.

This year the charity is, once again, working with Edinburgh Young Carers, Edinburgh Women’s Aid, CHAS and other local organisations .