The Singing Psychic is back at the Edinburgh Fringe – she always knew she would be.

This time the amazing Polish visionary unveils her brand spanking new game show packed with songs, 70s-style team games (including Fourtunes) and prizes.

Part of the PBH Free Fringe, Marysia Trembecka’s Singing Psychic Game Show is brilliantly bananas. It’s an hour of fun that builds on last year’s four and five star Edinburgh Fringe reviews, a Funny Women Best Show nomination, aEuropean tour and a special appearance at the official BRIT Awards after-party.

But the biggest attraction, as ever, will be her spookily accurate (if utterly bonkers) audience readings. She’ll reveal and perform the songs in your heart, give relationship and life advice, and answer your deepest questions – is that man really right for you?

The Singing Psychic, who has flown in from her Białowieża Forest yurt,
said: “I return here to sort out your problems and also for us to have fun. I can see inside your heart and will sing the songs locked up there – I will reveal your innermost longings and desires. My powers are true and incredible, come and see.”

But remember, the Singing Psychic has two strict rules – one is that the secrets she reveals in the room, stay in the room and the other is that she is ALWAYS right.

Her musical second sight is extraordinary, she even reads the songs of your birth. She explains: “I walk in a world of music – even the buildings sing to me. The power is so strong that I no longer can go to weddings because I will see your fiancé’s true desires.”

After the show there will be free private readings and everyone gets a card with the title of song that will guide them through the month. She also plans to release YouTube performances of the songs locked in the stones of Edinburgh’s greatest buildings.

You can already see the Singing Psychic Songs of the Zodiac on YouTube and learn about her advice sessions, including helping Donald Trump with his relationship issues.

The Singing Psychic offers free readings for members of the media – so give us a call.

Tickets here


  • Type: Comedy,
    game show
  • Venue: Voodoo
    Rooms (Venue 68)
  • Dates: 5-15,
    17-27 August
  • Time: 21:30
  • Duration: 60
  • Guidance: 16+
  • Tickets: Free