Born from the depraved improvisations and WhatsApp conversations of comedy quadrant Fridge Magnet, A Voyage of the Easy Sisters makes its Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut this year. The promoters say the show will ‘have you cracking up and craving a Bloody Mary!’  Sadly, this review says something different. 

Fridge Magnet aka Anabel Barnston (BBC3’s Coming of Age), Megan Hockley, Alice Sainsbury and Mike Rowley perform as the Easy Sisters, fighting to save the world through the power of social media, modern dating and political correctness. Cue plenty hashtag references and Twitter/Instagram gags but – and this might just be me – the only thing I was craving for was the exit door. I nearly laughed during the hour of the performance but it was only a mild possibility and it soon disappeared.  That said, a couple of people behind me laughed throughout – quite what at rather passed me by.

People a lot younger than me may get the humour and I do have a reputation as a grumpy old so-and-so to consider. And to prove my grumpiness, if you’re tempted to buy a bag of crisps at the venue be prepared to arrange a small mortgage first. £2 for a bag of ready salted is no laughing matter.  

A bit like the show itself… 

Venue: Venue 6 Royal Society, George Street, Edinburgh ǀ until 28 August 2017 ǀ 5.15pm (60 mins) 

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