From 23 June to 9 July 2017 at the Dry Dock on Leith Links, My Mother is an Artist will showcase the visual art and words of 15 artists and writers, including organiser, Faracy Moon Grouse, Ursula Mestre, Pavithra Atul Sarma and Sarah Dyer.

With workshops and talks by the artists, My Mother is an Artist is family-friendly event, though some workshops are more suited for some ‘me’ time, because you deserve a little head space.

A woman tends to be defined by her role in relation to others – sister, daughter, wife and mother. This exhibition and series of workshops honours woman as mother and artist.

Does procreation mean the end of artistic creation? Or does it mean a different perspective on life? A more nurturing, closer-to-nature-and-death perspective?

Does the lack of sleep bring zombie-like struggle? Or a leaden focus on the small things?

Recent study into a woman’s domestic mental and emotional load reveals we have not progressed that far in terms of defined gender roles and the caring/domestic chore role remains a predominantly female one. But is this a choice? And how does this effect creative endeavour?

Come and continue the conversation, re-connect with your own creativity and appreciate the gifts motherhood brings to your perspective.

My Mother is an Artist welcomes all female-identifying artist/mother/carers.