If, and it is a big IF, you can deal with the eponymous vocalist naming his band Simply Wed, this touring show is a two hour guilty pleasure. Based on the 1998 money-spinning film of the same name, its frothy and ephemeral charms focus on the predictable theme of jilted groom Robbie Hart (Jon Robyns) by air-head, egotist bride, Linda (Hannah Jay-Allan) eventually meeting Miss Right.

Inevitably, romance hiding in plain sight, comes from salt of the earth, struggling waitress Julia (Cassie Compton). Throw in a kitchen sink’s worth of sub-plot excuses for another song and hearts are hung out to dry. There is a non-stop medley of lung-busting ballads, doe-eyed duets and happy-smiley chorus lines with the added bonus of a cameo role from Ruth Madoc. Unforgivably 80s retro-kitsch, references to Rambo and Dynasty padded power-shoulders together with tongue-in-others’ cheek make for an entertaining Rock, and sometimes rolling in the aisles, rom-com musical romp. Can not fail to entertain.