Musselburgh and District Angling Association has a new committee which has been together since December last year.

Secretary Stevie Devine tells me that it is eight-strong with four office bearers.

Chairman is Chris Halliday, Jamie McDonald is president, Grant Dickson is the treasurer and Stevie said: “We want to make fishing on our river accessible for everyone.

“A disabled platform is something we are looking at in the coming months.

“We believe that we are the youngest committee in the district and we want to achieve a few different things.

“These include more people to fish the water and for them to practice catch release as we already do.”

Stevie added: “The commitment and passion that every member has shown is second to none.

“We had a good head of volunteers at our river clean up last month even with the challenging conditions and we’re always walking up and down the river and will happily stop and help any angler that comes to fish.

“I’ve mentioned on the Facebook page that if anyone is unsure of the river then to give me a shout as I’m on the river nearly every day. There are some fantastic runs and pools.”

If you are interested then permits are £20 and they are available from Ace Bike Co at 101 North High Street, Musselburgh EH21 6JE (just behind The Brunton Hall, t: 0131 665 4468) and the shop is open from 9am to 6pm Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday).

Permits are also available at the Edinburgh Angling Centre at Granton Retail Park, 65 West Harbour Road, Edinburgh EH5 1PW (t: 0131 202 6351)