The Butterfly Tree and Lost Child is on permanent display at the Central Library
The Butterfly Tree and Lost Child is on permanent display at the Central Library

At the Central Library they have a new sculpture made by the anonymous person who has donated several mystery sculptures around the city all crafted from books.

This one is 2 metres tall and has a small child standing beside it with an open book. The butterfly leaves were all made by people from as far afield as Greece and the USA following an appeal by the sculptor for assistance.

The Butterfly Tree and the Lost Child was first seen at the Book Festival in August but has now been donated to the Central Library where it is exhibited on the windowsill on the central staircase. It can be seen by anyone going up to the Reference Library, and its location is particularly important as the unknown sculptor has constantly said that her sculptures are all connected with literature and libraries.

Councillor Richard Lewis, Convener of Culture and Sport was there today to welcome the sculpture to its new home. He said: “I am delighted to welcome this beautiful sculpture to the Central Library and thank its sculptor and Edinburgh International Book Festival for enabling this display which I’m sure will attract many people.”

The tree  has a special mention of Rebus, and certainly one of the earliest works was donated to author Ian Rankin. It featured The Filmhouse and beer, two of the writer’s great loves! Other sculptures have also had references to Rankin and his literary creation, the Edinburgh-based detective Rebus.

There are other sculptures to see at the Central Library including the magnifying glass discovered in the building in 2011.

Today is the beginning of Book Week Scotland 2016 when events are held across the country to celebrate books and reading.

You can find out what events are taking place throughout Edinburgh on this link