Angus Robertson
Angus Robertson

Earlier today at the SNP conference in Glasgow Angus Robertson MP was announced as the new Depute Leader of the party.

The SNP Leader at Westminster will now also take on the role as Depute Leader following on from Stewart Hosie who resigned earlier in the year.

Over the last few months the Depute Leadership campaign included plays for the position by Tommy Sheppard, Alyn Smith and Chris McEleny as well as the eventual victor.

Angus Robertson, MP for Moray, commented: “This Depute Leadership election has been about who can best work as a team with SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon, involve grassroots members, councillors and parliamentarians into the most effective force to deliver independence for Scotland. It is a huge honour to have been elected by the members of the SNP to serve as the Depute Leader and bring that vision to life.

“We should be very proud in this party about the positive, constructive and collegial campaign that has been run. And I would like to thank my fellow candidates Tommy Sheppard, Alyn Smith and Chris McEleny for the way this campaign has been run and for the constructive conversations that this campaign has allowed us to engage in.

“Leadership, Grassroots and Independence – Those are the themes my campaign were run on and those are the themes my role as Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party will encapsulate.

“I think our leadership team representing both urban and rural Scotland is a good thing for the Scottish National Party. We aspire to represent the best interests of everyone in Scotland no matter where we come from. We also stand for the best interests of all parts of Scotland. That is why we are the Scottish National Party – Representing all parts of this nation.

“The SNP is the most effective political party in the country. Our strength comes from our members, branches, local grassroots campaigning and partnership with councillors and parliamentarians.”