Lowdown is a nice space on the south side of George Street with an outdoor seating area and although it does not get direct sunlight, it is lovely and bright on a summer morning.

Paul Anderson was mine host in St Andrew Square before the advent of Costa Coffee, and his loyal followers have now drifted along George Street behind him.

Donuts are usually available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

They are technical perfectionists on the coffee front – this is from their Facebook page: “We weigh every dose of ground coffee and pour every espresso to an exact weight. We taste and measure coffee strength throughout the day to ensure consistent, sweet espresso for your flat white.”

The café hosts cupping evenings to teach the uninitiated about coffee and they also sell some of their Koppi or Colonna coffee beans.

Lowdown Coffee 40 George Street EH2 2LE

T 0131 226 2132