Best of the Fest is your last chance to see the cream of the crop from this year’s Festival. We’re putting on a series of screenings of the best films from EIFF 2016, all of which have been hugely popular during our 70th edition. All screenings are £7.

On Sunday 26 June, you can see Meg Ryan’s directorial debut, the touching Ithaca; The Carer, with Brian Cox at his magnificent best; Timothy Spall and Juno Temple as two lost souls wandering through Blackpool in Away; Icíar Bollaín’s gently moving family drama The Olive Tree; Maggie’s Plan, Rebecca Miller’s utterly charming New York rom-com starring Ethan Hawke, Greta Gerwig and Julianne Moore; and The First Monday in May, an enthralling documentary which goes behind the scenes of the Met Gala.

In the evening we have Taika Waititi’s delightful odd-couple story Hunt for the Wilderpeople; Philip John’s stylish and sexy Scottish coming of age story Moon Dogs; a rare screening of 1973 cult anime classic Belladonna of Sadness; fun and frantic rom-com Mr. Right, starring Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick; and Russell Mulcahy’s newly restored cult classic Highlander.

Full Best of the Fest line-up:

Ithaca 11.05 at Cineworld
The Carer 
12.10 at Filmhouse
12.45 at Odeon
Olive Tree 
12.55 at Cineworld
Maggie’s Plan 13:20 at Cineworld
The First Monday in May 15.30 at Cineworld
Hunt for the Wilderpeople 18.20 at Filmhouse
Moon Dogs 20.25 at Cineworld
Belladonna of Sadness 20.30 at Odeon
Mr. Right 20.30 at Cineworld
Highlander 20.45 at Cineworld