Tuff Love

Tuff Love, a band who hail from Glasgow, with Suse and Julie on guitars on vocals only created one disappointment on Monday night: the lack of captions and freeze framing which we would only associate with Edgar Wright’s artistry. But hey, Tuff Love.

With support from New York’s Lulu and Kay, The Prettiots (Rough Trade) the audience are nicely warmed up for a gig for the Juno and Scott Pilgrim generation. Covering the likes of bass-heavy Last Night by The Strokes whilst also incorporating a Vengaboys / AQUA mash up it is obvious that these two are versatile and not taking themselves entirely seriously.

Ukulele, guitar and drums make up this twee outfit, which hit the stage with hoodies and leggings, no disguise from their lounging attire. Setting the style, it did not take long to discover that these two are quite happy to expose themselves, singing personal songs about ex-boyfriends, and their coming of age, which at times took me back to reading Sylvia Plath and Jeffery Euginides.

Lost Map Records’ Tuff Love, beginning with tracks Poncho and Sweet Discontent, were an organic succession from The Prettiots as they equally carried an air of appealing to the generation of Junos and Scott Pilgrims.

Consisting of two guitars and drums, as well as ruffled haircuts, striped t-shirts, baseball caps and socially awkward rapport, Julie and Suse could also be mistaken for East Coast Americans. (Until you hear them speak of course).

Despite the crown only being about a hundred strong, the vibe and appreciation were there, head bopping coming from most and schizophrenic lighting hitting them from the venue.

If they want to begin my week again, they are more than welcome with this coming of age tone. The rest of you should make a point of starting your week with a bit of Tuff Love.

Photo Martin Barker