clan gluten free logoClan Gluten Free were making their mark on Edinburgh on Burn’s Night as they hosted their first ever gluten-free Burns Supper at the Roamin’ Nose. Guests were treated to a warming dram upon arrival, traditional Scottish music in the background, and a delightful, entirely gluten-free, three-course Burns supper. The restaurant was even decorated with the clan’s own registered tartan.

Founded by businessman Jonathan Brill and Edinburgh restaurateur, Lucy Balloch, following a chance conversation, Clan Gluten Free aims to build a community.

Jonathan says “There’s nothing quite like a sense of belonging, of kinship – and that’s why I’ve established Clan Gluten Free with Edinburgh restaurauteur, Lucy Balloch. Wandering around the city centre at lunch time trying to find the gluten free option; we are outcasts.”

“Our aims are to get quality, consistency and price across Scotland. Rural areas and smaller towns find it much harder to be gluten-free than we do in the big cities where there are options.”

Lucy herself is not gluten free but encountering it every day in her café, The Roamin’ Nose, she decided to tackle the gluten-free challenge head-on, and now provides delights such as Victoria sponge and chocolate-chip, peanut-butter cookies. The café’s chef is committed to quality no matter what the ingredients and frequently makes several attempts at a new recipe to ensure this.

Invited to sample the menu, I was rather surprised at the superb quality of the dishes – particularly the lemon sponge with custard which was light as air and full of flavour. It even had a spring to it, which is unheard of in gluten-free baking. Serving up Findlaters’ bread was just another indicator that they have their finger on the pulse of what’s popular in the gluten-free community.

Jonathan and Lucy hope there will be many more nights like it and that they will become a “major lobbying force.” With the support from their members and many ideas in the pipeline, it won’t be long until the next event.

You can find out more or register as a member of Clan Gluten Free here. The Roamin’ Nose are open from early until 10pm most days, offering up a variety of dishes covering breakfast, lunch and dinner.