6b91c4f231202906f918a60f5cfcae5cThe latest newspaper to be in the news for the wrong reasons is The Journal. This illustrious student newspaper with previous contributors including Alex Salmond and winner of many awards, has gone into liquidation following an accumulation of historic debt.

Stuart Preston of Grant Thornton LLP was appointed liquidator of the limited company which owned the publication in July and a creditors’ meeting was held on 18 August to assess the level of debts owed.  The Edinburgh Reporter understands that some of the debt is due to HMRC.

The fortnightly publication has disappeared without electronic trace as the website has been suspended meantime. The website carried historic editions too so it has to be hoped that the website alone can be reinstated.

Students from all of the universities in Edinburgh were eligible to contribute to the publication, learning how to write and produce a newspaper all at the same time.

Most students begin the new academic year with great gusto and The Edinburgh Reporter would like to capture some of that gusto here.

If you are a budding journalist then do get in touch with us to tell us what you would like to write about or take photos, record audio or video all for publication here. You will build up a portfolio of work which could be useful to you in getting a job after university!