Words and Image by Donal Ferrie (Queensferry Rowing Club)

Queensferry Rowing Club in partnership with North Queensferry Rowing Club will be hosting their annual Regatta on Saturday June 27th with racing starting from 10am. The Regatta will bring St Ayles Skiffs from along the Forth and further afield to compete over a 2km course between the Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Harbour. Scottish Coastal Rowing is a Community based initiative with the participant clubs competing in boats built by their respective local communities based on a design by boat builder Iain Oughtred.  The Regatta is going ahead with the kind assistance of Bosun’s Locker and Port Edgar Marina.

The best viewing area will be at Port Edgar Marina and along the Shore Road under the Forth Road Bridge. Refreshments will be provided with home baking,  sandwiches, rolls, tea and coffee available from Queensferry Rowing Club shed.