Hibs training centre

Hibernian’s first team squad returned for the start of pre-season training yesterday

Head of Sports Science Craig Flannigan engineered the club’s pre-season programme – specifically tailored to ensure the team hits the ground running when the Ladbrokes Championship campaign starts against Dumbarton in August.

During the opening session, groups of players were thoroughly tested and their individual fitness was analysed and assessed, both at theTraining Centre and using state-of-the-art technology labs at Queen Margaret University, in order to gauge their physical condition.

The tests included: Muscle imaging  laboratory where players had their muscle thickness of Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, and Vastus Intermedius  and muscle architecture (pennation angle) of Vastus Lateralis measured for both legs;  Neuromuscular assessment research laboratory
Peak Force, rate of force development, relaxation rate and electromechanical delay was measured for quadriceps and hamstrings muscles of both legs.
Motion Analysis laboratory:  Unilateral balance and leg stiffness of both limbs were assessed, in response to walking and hopping tasks, via three-dimensional kinematic (video analysis) and independent kinetic (via force plates) analysis.