BoF live

After a year of action that saw them consolidate their title Best Live Band (European Blues Awards), the Rory Gallagher-fuelled Band Of Friends released their debut EP/DVD ‘Too Much Is Not Enough’ in early 2014. Now, following huge demand, they return for shows in the UK including a gig at the Liquid Rooms on Saturday 2nd May.

In the era of tribute acts who deliver note-perfect renditions of their heroes’ catalogues, the Band Of Friends is something different. They can do the notes played by electric blues icon Rory Gallagher. But they can also do the sound, energy and feel – because the band includes people who helped define those essential elements. When the Irish guitarist-vocalist passed away in 1995 he left behind an eleven-album catalogue of inspired albums, and the memory of unforgettably energetic concerts.

Bassist Gerry McAvoy (Rory Gallagher / Nine Below Zero Champion Jack Dupree / Deep Joy), drummer Ted McKenna (Rory Gallagher / Sensational Alex Harvey Band / Greg Lake / Gary Moore) and guitarist-vocalist Marcel Scherpenzeel (Wolfpin) recorded their first batch of songs in 2013, with co-producer Paul Rose.

The new package includes a new recording of classic Gallagher track ‘If I Had A Reason’ to make up the seven-track EP. Packed alongside is a DVD shot at Kulturhalle, Remchingen, Germany, also in 2013, featuring 11 Gallagher tracks with sound fully remixed by Paul Rose.

McAvoy appeared on every Gallagher studio album until the bandleader’s passing in 1995. McKenna appeared on ‘Photo-Finish’, ‘Top Priority’ and ‘Stage Struck’ as a member of the group from 1977 until 1981.The Band Of Friends were formed after McAvoy played with Scherpenzeel in 2010 and realised the Dutch artist was “the closest thing to Rory you’ll ever hear.”

McAvoy continues:”Too Much Is Not Enough is a line in the sand for us. We’re always going keep Rory’s songs alive – but we’re creative artists too and it’s time to make that point.

“The tracks came about when we did a writing session in Cumbria last year. Paul knows where we’re coming from artistically so it was ano-brainer to work with him as co-producer. He also contributed guitar, mandolin and percussion to the recordings, and Tommy Stead played harmonica. I think you’ll see a direct line from the DVD through our cover of If I Had A Reason to the new tracks. We’re looking forward to discovering where it’ll take us.”

SAT 2nd May The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh 9c Victoria Street EH1 2HE, Edinburgh Midlothian +440131 225 2564 7pm £18+£1.75 B/F