The Urbane Gallery, Edinburgh’s dynamic and leading edge art gallery, is taking part in this year’s International Science Festival, featuring the work of artists who have made use of science or technology for the making of their artwork.

Artists taking part in the exhibition, which is entitled ’Art Of The Matter’, include the award-winning Scottish artist Fraser Ross, who makes fascinating sculptures out of magnetic liquid. The fluid not only provides striking, monochrome sculptures through interaction with the adjacent materials, but also behaves in its solid form as a receptor to external environmental changes.


The project explores the possibility of futuristic wearable textiles through the creation of magnetic surfaces embellished with magnetic fluids, creating an ever-changing, sensory silhouette. The textiles will act as a protective shield whilst allowing users to interact with their environment through new tactile senses and organic forms.

Also showing will be ‘Nobody Does it Better’ – an impressive life size bronze and stainless steel sculpture based on the famous sketch of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci – by artists Björn and Amanda Sjoling, exhibiting for the first time in Scotland. The Vitruvian man symbolises the science of its day.

The gallery is also hoping to showcase artist Angela Palmer who has, working in collaboration with Renault Sport F1, deconstructed the world’s most successful F1 engine, the RS27, to realise an extraordinary collection of sculptures.

Gallery Director, Tracey Robertson, said: ”Science and art are very compatible, and many technological innovations are highly aesthetic and visually stimulating. The element of the extraordinary creates a buzz about the work, whereas the art of nature might conversely create a calming effect. The work we will be showing is exciting and energising, and will hopefully inspire and delight visitors.”

The Edinburgh International Science Festival, takes place 4th -19th April at various venues. The Art Of The Matter Exhibition will take place at Urbane Gallery at 25 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh.

Photos: ’Nobody does it better’ (Vitruvian Man) by artists Björn and Amanda Sjoling; and ’Dark Senses’ by Fraser Ross

Submitted by Rosemary Walker