A food bank stall at Sainsbury’s Meadowbank on Saturday collected 2303.7 lbs of produce which we are told converts to 1044.940 kg.

So over a tonne of food was collected for The Edinburgh City Mission.

The two people who deserve all the credit are Carri Smith (centre in pink top) and Lisa-Ann Wood (not in the photo – she’s camera shy!).

Carri and Lisa-Ann admitted they were delighted with the amount raised and all who took part were glad to be doing something for the community.

They also intend for this to be the first of many such events. Many of the SNP activists helping on the tall were overwhelmed by the generosity of Sainsbury’s shoppers.

Local SNP Councillor Alex Lunn said: “I’d like to thank Sainsburys for their generosity and for playing such a positive role in the community. Food poverty and fuel poverty must be made history in Scotland.” Councillor Lunn is on the left hand side of the photo next to Councillor Mike Bridgman.

The Trussell Trust who run many of the UK’s foodbanks list the items you might donate to a food bank :-