The Edinburgh Reporter was asked up to the castle earlier today to see the preparations they are making up there for the fireworks displays on Hogmanay.

We met Simon Page and Toby Alloway from Titanium who are in charge on the night.

The Edinburgh Reporter NEWS from Phyllis Stephen on Vimeo.

There will be four fireworks displays fired from Edinburgh Castle and Princes Street Gardens on 31st December – countdown fireworks at 9.00pm, 10.00pm, 11.00pm culminating in the magnificent midnight moment from Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill.  All displays are designed and fired by Titanium Fireworks Ltd.


Share your photos or videos of the Hogmanay fireworks with our readers here on our sister site EdinburghReportage. We look forward to seeing them all!


Did You Know?


·                The Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Spectacular Midnight Moment Fireworks Display is 5 minutes long with many of the fireworks fired at the same time, but if each effect were fired individually the display would last for over four hours.


·                If you take the burst radius of all the fireworks (the circle of stars seen visible high in the sky) and line them up next to each other, the display would stretch from Edinburgh to Glasgow and back.


·                If you measure the lift height of each effect from where it is fired to where it bursts in the sky for all the fireworks effects and add them together they would reach from Edinburgh to Paris.


·                There are over 2200 individual cues delivering nearly 11,000 shots into the sky producing hundreds of thousands of stars in 18 different shades of colour.


·                It’s taken over 70 hours of design time for the Midnight Moment Fireworks display to fit perfectly with this year’s music.


·                A production team of four people have spent a combined total of 480 hours in advance preparation for the shows.  That’s before 5 days’ work begins on site in Edinburgh.


·                A crew of 14 pyrotechnicians will walk around 105 miles whilst setting up the fireworks in their positions at Edinburgh Castle, West Princes Street Gardens and on Calton Hill.