!cid_image6864AEC7-A17A-48D7-9AC7-C6D3BA2AC52AEdinburgh artist Wendy Helliwell is about to unveil a special piece of work, using a very unusual medium that could save lives.

After months of collecting unwanted cosmetics with her fundraising partner Marjory Kenny, she has completed the stunning 8 x 3.5 foot “Shades of Life” using lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras and other products.

The art work will be auctioned off to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer  starting on 3 November 2014 and closing at the launch night of the Edinburgh Art Fair at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on 13 November 2014. More details of how to bid are on the eBay page.

The completion of the piece of makeup art is the finale of the CHECK YOU campaign launched on Mother’s Day this year to encourage people to touch, look and check their bodies as well as check products they are using to ensure they are safe.

Mothers’ Day was chosen in memory of Wendy’s mum Diane Blair who died of breast cancer at the age of 56. She carried the BRCA 1 gene, which Wendy and her sister also carry. Both have since had similar surgery to Angelina Jolie.

Three months from the launch of CHECK YOU, the amazing results of the collection were revealed in a make-up mountain during the summer. Artist Wendy used the material collected from all over the UK as well as in Canada, Australia and America. A ferry trip to the Orkneys was also required by Marjory as news of the collection spread on Facebook!

The campaign went viral on social media even BEFORE the official launch with celebrities like Grant Stott, singer Michelle McManus, presenter Cat Cubie, Miss Scotland 2014 Ellie McKeating, actress Annabelle Apsiom (Monica from Shameless), STV journalists and the entire BBC news team offering donations, tweeting their followers and offering their support.

Wendy , a mum of two from Cammo, said: “Early detection saves lives and we want to support Breakthrough’s touch, look, check breast awareness campaign in an unusual way which reflects our own businesses, “ she said. “What happened took our breath away. More than 60 businesses throughout Edinburgh – gyms, Lawyers, banks, travel companies, hairdressers, cafes and retail stores – offered to be collection points, to advertise the campaign or to store the products. We can’t thank them enough!”

REVEAL ARTMarjory from Bellevue, Edinburgh is a member of Breakthrough 100 – businesswomen in Scotland who pledge to raise money for the charity. This is her second fundraising campaign for Breakthrough and she also donates pure Arbonne skin oil directly to breast cancer patients for use on scars after surgery.

She said: “Every inch of this fabulous piece of art represents a lipstick or an eyeshadow donated by someone who got our touch, look, check message.  We Have had so many supporters and know of several who have discovered they were suffering from breast cancer during our campaign.

“We are now asking our supporters and businesses who have helped to spread the word of the CHECK YOU auction on ebay’s special charity pages to make sure we raise the most money we can for Breakthrough’s vital research.”

Photo 21-03-2014 17 01 48CHECK YOU was the result of a chance meeting at a Breakthrough event in the Scottish Parliament. Wendy had already completed a collage of old make-up which caught Marjory’s eye when it exhibited at Hemma near Holyrood.

“It was absolutely stunning art work,” said Marjory.” Only a few days before I had had a makeup ‘dump and demo’ night as part of my business when unwanted cosmetics were replaced by the pure Arbonne range after people had the chance to try them out. So I had plenty of supplies for Wendy.

“It seemed the perfect opportunity to team up and support the charity we are both so passionate about. For me the importance of regular checking is vital – not just your body but also what’s in your products eg lead in lipstick, dangerous mineral oil and parabens in skincare and general toxins. It just makes sense to stay healthy!”

Victoria Sampson from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, says: “It’s a sad fact that breast cancer is still the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst women in Scotland with over 4,500 women diagnosed every year. We urge every woman to be breast aware and know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and Wendy and Marjory are helping us spread that message.

“The day when we make the ultimate breakthrough – freedom from breast cancer – is on its way, but we can only get there with the help of our amazing supporters.”

To support CHECK YOU or find out more about the auction on ebay charity pages visit:-

FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com/CHECKYOU

JUSTGIVING – www.justgiving.com/CHECKYOU

Twitter –  @CHECKYOU2014