EICA main Climbing wallYoung people from Edinburgh College who want to know more about joining the Marines will be among those to get a taste of the lifestyle at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena in Newbridge  between Tuesday and Thursday  (September 16 -18).

Students from Scotland have been invited to take part in this action-packed event and will have a unique opportunity to try their hand at a number of demanding activities each day. The challenges set for the students will closely mirror the physical skills that Marines need to perfect in order to wear the famous Green Beret.

During the three-day event, up to 300 students, instructors and staff from schools and colleges across Scotland – under the watchful and expert eye of the Marines – will take part in a number of exciting challenges in this ‘state of the art’ Climbing Arena.

The activities include rock climbing, abseiling laser weapon games and inflatable boat challenges in Zodiac craft which are used in combat. Participants will also be put through a number of gruelling fitness and leadership activities: all physical and mental tests are aimed at highlighting the high standard of skills that are required by the Royal Navy’s elite fighting force. This demanding event encourages all participants to test themselves to the best of their ability but also allows them to have some fun along the way.

Captain Jonathan Phelps, Officer Commanding Commando Recruit Troop said: “This is a great day out for all the students who take part, providing challenging activities at a world class site. The day affords young people a valuable insight into what life is like in the Royal Marines.”

Lieutenant Commander Billy Adams, Regional Recruitment Officer, Scotland & Northern Ireland said:  “Meet the Marines is a fantastic opportunity for young people in Scotland to interact with serving Royal Marines and for them to undertake a variety of fun, yet challenging, activities.”

“The event also highlights careers available in the Royal Marines and those attending will get the chance to learn about the recruiting process, training and what life is really like in one of the most elite strands of the British Armed Forces. Regardless of whether or not any of the young people participating will wish to pursue a career in the Service, they will all leave with a better understanding of what it is to be a Royal Marines Commando and hopefully a huge sense of achievement.”