An important milestone was achieved this week with Boroughmuir Hockey, who were the first of the clubs at Meggetland to join the Boroughmuir Rugby & Community Sports Club (BR&CSC).

The charitable sporting organisation was set up to help promote sporting programmes within the community and support local sporting clubs by sharing a central venue that can be enjoyed by all.

Chairperson at BR&CSC Ally Hay was integral in working with Boroughmuir Hockey by supporting their inclusion to the community programme:

“Boroughmuir Rugby has had a close relationship with Boroughmuir Hockey for many years. To have them formally join the Community Sporting Programme that BRCSC has been set up to deliver is a great first step in the promotion and sustainability of sports within our community. We hope this is the first of many such future relationships.”

Captain of Boroughmuir Hockey Hazel Waddell commented:

“Meggetland has been the home of Boroughmuir Hockey for a long time and we have had a long standing connection with Boroughmuir rugby. The clubhouse provides a fantastic venue for our meetings, a watering hole after games and a social space for events. It was important for us to be able to continue with this. Joining BR&CSC seemed the natural progression.”

Being part of BR&CSC not only supports Boroughmuir Hockey with a venue, but the Hockey club will also share knowledge and learnings with Boroughmuir Rugby on all aspects such as Marketing, Membership and Sponsorship.

Director of Marketing & Communications at Boroughmuir Rugby, Justin Tito commented on the early success of Boroughmuir Hockey joining BR&CSC:

“Boroughmuir Rugby has gone through a massive transition in the last 2 years, our focus on business sustainability and we are only too keen to share these with Boroughmuir Hockey to support their growing club. Our President Bill Nobel has already helped with a new logo and brand refresh and our Sponsorship Director Danny Rutterford has helped Boroughmuir Hockey to join our sponsorship programme with the Golf Tavern, providing an additional source of income to the Hockey club.”

Hazel Waddell went on to say:
“We are looking forward to further developing our connection with BR&CSC through the support and development opportunities that becoming a member will bring us”.

For further information on Boroughmuir Hockey, go to

Welcome One, Welcome All to BR&CSC.

Submitted by James Thomson