neil henry

Neil Henry’s show is called Impossible for a very good reason –  what Neil does for 60 minutes is I would say impossible! He is not a run of the mill “pick-a-card” or produce flowers from his sleeve kind of magician far from it, Henry does magic tricks that leave you open-mouthed. These are the kind of tricks that scramble your mind and leave you scratching your head.

Having met Neil at last year’s Fringe when he was in a brilliant play called The Curse of Elizabeth Faulkner we have kept in touch over the past year.   I was intrigued why Neil was swapping acting for magic and there will be an interview here later.

This is the man who Stephen Fry called ” A mixture of Rowan Atkinson and my Ironmonger”

Neil Henry’s Impossible is on at 3.50pm at The Cabaret Bar in The Pleasance Courtyard until the 25th August tickets are £7.50 (concessions £6.50)


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