I have never had the ambition of doing an Edinburgh Fringe show and never will but I tip my hat to those that do.   Someone who is appearing in his First Fringe is Australian comedian George Dimarelos and a fine job he has done too.

George is only doing five nights 20th – 24th August and I went along on the second night. He is  an observational comedian and so things like incidents in men’s changing rooms, grinding in supermarkets and talking to yourself when no-one else is around are all fair game.  His stories included some intriguing ones like his 126 hour journey on the Trans-Mongolian Railway.

I think George was perhaps a bit nervous still but that is unsurprising as this is his first proper length stand-up show, and it is often the case that some nerves make you better. This is I believe the case with George.

His story telling is good with some well-crafted tales which tie in to earlier stories which I think is clever and fun.

A good show and hopefully a return next year for George now he has had a taste of what doing the Edinburgh Fringe is all about.

George and Co (The Solo Tour) runs until 24th August tickets start at £7.50, the show is on at 7.00pm at C Nova, India Buildings, Victoria Street.