_2014DANNYWA_HPDanny Ward is a stand up comedian and his show takes place daily at Bunker 1 at The Pleasance 4.35pm.

This show was very funny indeed. It was quite refreshing to hear a comedian who does not have to rely on swearing or sexual innuendo as material (not that I am a prude). The show is all about Danny’s bad back and the mis-haps he has endured with his back, but also takes you off on other tacks with stories about a well known shop, a well known hotel and various other places all connected to Danny’s bad back.

There were moments where I felt bad for laughing at the mis-haps, but I found myself not able to stop  laughing.  With a little bit of audience participation thrown in for good measure (indeed the ladies sitting in front of me chatted to Danny about their awful experience at a hotel Danny himself was talking about!)

A thoroughly entertaining show lots of laughter, great stories and amazing what you can do with spaghetti spoons.

Tickets for Danny Ward at Pleasance Courtyard here.


  1. ***** Danny Ward – Infra Dig
    Saw Danny on Thursday 31st July – really great, great show! I found the themes of various mis-haps and the smart humour were both hilarious and touching!
    I found an hour of lots of shows just a little long – NOT THIS ONE. Danny Ward could easily do 2 hours of this humour and I would enjoy it all.
    A must see this year at the Fringe.

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