Andrew LawrenceThis show is a must see without a doubt but if you are going to see it I recommend you turn up on time….more of this later.

Lawrence starts off his show by explaining that he came up with the title “Reasons to Kill Yourself” back in April of this year. He mentioned the sad death of Robin Williams  earlier this week and said that he felt he needed to. The comedian made some jokes but only to emphasise his show name was thought up months ago. We were then treated to an hour of great comedy by a man who is a storyteller keeping you in suspense all the way through.

Lawrence uses as his subject matter a number of mundane topics like work, being force fed and his birthday.

After about 20 minutes he finished off one story by picking out the people who turned up ten minutes after the show started which earned him a loud cheer and plenty of applause from an audience who agreed with him.

Lawrence talked about giving up the stand up circuit but I believe he would be a great loss because he is one of THE funniest people out there.  Judging by the audience reaction at the end this seems to be a settled view.

The show is on at The Assembly Rooms George Street until 24th August at 8.45pm (one Extra show has been added to Friday Night 11.15pm) but 23rd August has sold out.

Find Andrew on his website: or Twitter: @andrewlawrence