Venue: theSpace @ Surgeons’ Hall (Venue 53) Dates: 18 – 23 August

Time: 20:05 (50 mins) Tickets: £8/£6

A frenzied tale of life, death, and life after death. And death after life. SOFTEN THE GREY comes to take Edinburgh by storm as comedy new writing duo Jake Hassam and Nigel Munson make their Fringe debut, taking residence for just one fabulously furious week from Monday to Saturday, August 18 to 23, at theSpace @ Surgeons’ Hall.

When a young man gets trapped diving in a tunnel and runs out of air, he naturally assumes it’s game over. But when he arrives in a bizarre Citizens’ Advice Bureau for the deceased, staffed by an eccentric and mysterious receptionist, things start to get a little confusing.

Taken on a whistle-stop tour through his past, the dead diver is shown a glimpse of any and every possible afterlife there is, and together, he and the receptionist must work out which eternal afterlife is best.

6FootStories is a new writing theatre company who create bold, exciting pieces of theatre that bend the rules of reality. They throw ordinary people into extraordinary circumstances and – interspersed with dark humour – they explore the big ideas along the way, like life, death and faith.

Written and performed by 6FootStories’ co-artistic directors Jake Hassam and Nigel Munson, SOFTEN THE GREY was developed in 2013 and has since enjoyed performance success at a wide variety of festivals and venues, including Camden’s Etcetera Theatre, Theatre503 and the BikeShed in Exeter.