1.45pm, 30 July – 25 Aug 2014 (not 12 Aug) at the Gilded Balloon, Turret

A TED* Talk with Clay JW Crowne (*not affiliated with TED.com, its members, fellows, organisers, partners, subsidiaries, sponsors or stockholders)

A Fringe debut combining funny, moving stories with a pastiche of the hyperbolic TED Talk style.

After a series of restraining orders, visionary thought-magnet Clay JW Crowne finally brings his prophetic TED* Talk to the public (in a format well within the terms of his injunction).

Begrudgingly presented with the longest name in the brochure.

Prepare for a once-in-his-lifetime experience as Clay explodes onto the world stage with his long-awaited presentations, detailing how a fireside conversation with his uncle (who’s now missing and presumed dead) led to a philosophical insight so profound, it might just have the power to change this crazy world we call Earth.

Catch it before the next round of cease-and-desists arrive.