FIlm in the City

Get your picnic together and get along to Film in the City in St Andrew Square today. Here’s what’s on:-


Screen live
Advertising / Promos & Trailers

11.30am – 12.45pm  
Secret of Kell (PG) (75mins)
Advertising / Promos & Trailers

A delightful animation of Irish mythology and vikings unfolds in a charming tale.

1pm – 2.40pm 
How to Train Your Dragon (U) (98mins)    

The kids (and indeed the grown-ups) will love this great Dreamworks animation.

Advertising / Promos & Trailers

3pm – 4.20pm  
Metropolis (PG) (80mins)
Advertising / Promos & Trailers

This screening coincides with the EIFF’s Focus on germany. Enjoy this superb re-working of Giorgio Moroder’s classic film.

4.45pm – 6.35pm       
Local Hero (PG) (111mins)  
Advertising / Promos & Trailers

Another feel-good movie celebrating the best of Scottish filmmaking. Bill Forsyth’s story tells the tale of an evil oil executive who is won over by our beautiful bonnie Scotland.

7pm – 8.40pm                        
Juno (12) (96mins)
Advertising / Promos & Trailers

A comedy-drama which helped shoot Ellen Page into movie stardom. Jason Reitman’s comedy drama introduces us to the power of the teen flick and is a must for fans of EIFF’s American Dreams strand.

9pm – 10.50pm
Rocky (12) (112mins)

Be inspired by this great sporting movie which sees Rockie Balboa seek success in the boxing ring. A great rags to riches story.

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