Colin Cloud is different. Imagine someone who can tell you what you do for a living, what your hobbies are and what you’ve done that day. Even the things you wouldn’t want him to, just by looking at you.

He has the ability to deduce everything about you. Everything. And undoubtedly, he will.

Having been accepted into university at the age of just fifteen to study Forensic Investigation and with a passion for Criminal Profiling, it’s no surprise he’s developed near superhuman abilities, leading him to being described by his fans and the media as a modern-day, real-life Sherlock Holmes.

Colin Cloud is an internationally respected ‘Mentalist.’ Considered by his peers to be the next ‘Derren Brown.’ Colin’s skills have been taking him all over the world. From performing Off Broadway in New York and in London’s West End to Caesar Palace in Las Vegas and Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

He’s performed sellout shows at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, The Edinburgh International Magic Festival; headlined The Trickery, in Aberdeen, and The Stand Comedy Club in both Glasgow and Edinburgh on numerous occasions. He’s appeared reading the mind of Jonathan Ross on ITV’s Penn and Teller: Fool Us and was the first mentalist to appear on Britain’s Got Talent. Furthermore, he received four yeses from Simon Cowell and his team of judges … he probably knew that was going to happen.

His most recent stunt saw him making history and being the first individual to correctly predict the exact Tweets of other people, days in advance. His targets were Stephen Fry, Frankie Boyle, Ellie Goulding, Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins. His prediction was sealed in ice in Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, before being smashed open under test conditions to reveal his thoughts were astonishingly accurate.

Colin Cloud is appearing at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival 28 June to 4 July and then at Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 31 July to 23 August.