ColinKeirby Colin Keir MSP
As an SNP MSP you can well imagine how I am feeling as we head towards the most significant date in the modern history of Scotland. The belief that those of us who live in Scotland take control of our own destiny working within the partnership of nations globally is strong.
As we move into the final 100 days we find it’s not just SNP members who are getting excited but those from other political parties and those who have no political allegiances. Many of these people have joined the grassroots umbrella organisation YesScotland, the buzz is there, momentum is most certainly there as is the belief that voters can achieve a fairer more prosperous society through a YES vote.
In the last 100 days of the campaign we will see the most impressive grassroots organisation since the birth of CND going out its way to talk to people on the doorsteps, at local public meeting and on stalls. Their message will be delivered as ordinary members of society speaking with passion about our nations future. The 100 days will focus minds and debate. Voters are now realising that issues which matter most to people must be dealt with at the Scottish Parliament. Matters such as the economy and international relations affairs, issues which Westminster has consistently let us down need to be dealt with by a focus on Scotland, not the diverging priorities of London and the south east.
A YES vote will also help protect our NHS from the privatisation which has been supported by both Labour and Conservative-Lib Dem governments in England with relish and with some disastrous results. As most people see the lurch to the right of politics in England, a YES vote is being seen as the only way to ensure that Scotland with its traditional social democratic outlook isn’t overwhelmed by right wing intolerance.
The heat will be turned up, activity will rise. It’s up to those of us who are politicians to ensure the highest possible standard of debate. I will most certainly be out with YesScotland knocking on doors and speaking to people, supporting the broad spectrum of society who wish to see an independent Scotland.
At national or local elections voters make a choice on information from political parties. This is the first vote I can remember which has galvanised the public not just to find out and debate the issues but to get stuck into campaigning, normally only party activists are so involved. This is particularly obvious with YesScotland.
So with just 100 days to go Scotland is showing the world exactly what democracy means and I believe it will choose a positive future, I believe the nation will vote Yes on 18th September on the back of people power, so why not join YesScotland?



  1. We already control our own destiny as part of a UK-wide partnership. Do we want to change something that isn’t broken? At the moment one could say that Scotland is broken by empty impossible promises. Better together? Of course we are…

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