Edinburgh Central MSP Marco Biagi has today called on Network Rail to rethink their position after banning taxis from Waverley Station and asked Network Rail to meet him to discuss his concerns.

Mr Biagi has written to David Higgins, the Chief Executive of Network Rail, and urged him to reverse the controversial decision – citing fears over increased congestion, impact on those with mobility issues and potential cost to the public purse.

Mr Biagi’s intervention follows previous calls from Edinburgh City Council for Network Rail to relent and allow taxis back into Waverley.

Mr Biagi’s letter stated that:
“I would remind you that as a major part of the public transport network you have a moral obligation to ensure that the rail network plays a positive part in our cities and is a complementary part of a wider transport network.

“I do not believe that the plans to exclude taxis from Waverley Station live up to these reasonable expectations, and I do not believe that the lack of consultation with Edinburgh City Council shows due respect to those impacted by this decision.”

Mr Biagi commented:- “Waverley Station is at the very heart of the city and our road networks. This change could cause serious congestion in the city centre, and at busy times could be complete gridlock.

“It also causes needless inconvenience to those who rely on taxis, such as the disabled or elderly, who’ll now have to navigate further through a busy station to find an alternative pick-up point.

“The worrying thing is that Network Rail have rushed ahead with these changes without even a superficial attempt to consult with the Council. This shows a complete disregard for what impact this ban will have on the public and on the city.

“Network Rail need to reverse this ill-considered ban and start serious discussions with the Council about a long-term strategy for managing traffic on Waverley Bridge.