Gardening Scotland 2014 is taking place at the Royal Highland Showground this weekend. A stunning show garden that commemorates the centenary of the First World War has won the prestigious I Dig It People’s Choice Award there.

The Lost Gardeners of the Great War has been developed for Scotland’s national gardening and outdoor living show in association with veterans’ charities Poppyscotland – the charity partner of the 2014 show, and Erskine. As well as receiving this accolade the garden received a Silver Gilt award from the Royal Horticultural Society.

The garden, devised by Jayne Whitehead of Ivy Maud Design, is envisaged as a corner of pre-war walled garden, left untouched since its gardeners went off to war, where poppies and other wild flowers have long since grown. Twenty tonnes of stone have been carefully built into the wall of the garden by the talented and dedicated members of the West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association.

Poppyscotland’s origins are linked to the First World War and, with events and activities taking place to mark the start of the commemorations, the charity believes the garden will raise awareness of the many sacrifices made and highlight the organisation’s work with veterans and their families today.

Poppyscotland volunteers Debbie Alsop from Edinburgh and veteran Jim Allan from Linlithgow in the show garden at Gardening Scotland 2014 with Norman Muir, Chairman of the West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association, who built the stone wall surround


Speaking of the charity’s involvement in Gardening Scotland, Poppyscotland’s Head of Fundraising Colin Flinn said: “We are delighted that the show garden has been voted the public’s favourite. In a simple but very poignant way the garden conveys the impact of the First World War on communities and families all over Scotland. However, the sad reality is that veterans and their families still need our help today and, through the garden, we hope to raise awareness of the support we provide as well as raising much-needed funds to continue to deliver our services.”

As well as the show garden, there is a Poppyscotland retail unit and information stand. Supporters can sign up to Poppyscotland’s new and unique fundraising activity Tea & Toast, which encourages people to get together and raise funds by hosting their own event, whether it be with a mug and a slice of white or a china cup and a toasted sweet treat.

Gardening Scotland runs from Friday 30th May to Sunday 1 June at the Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh. More info




  1. Such a shame we didn’t see the garden! I asked for directions at the stall & two ‘helpers’ assured me there was no garden!
    Despite me telling them I’d read this online. They knew nothing about Tea & Toast & when I asked if they were from Canonmills replied ‘we’re from Poppy Scotland’! At that point I gave up. Hopefully there weren’t a few hundred more like me, all supporters of PS & ready to donate, misinformed by your stall workers. Kaye Gilmour

  2. Hi Kaye, I am writing from Poppyscotland after seeing your comment.We are really sorry that this happened and following your comment we have rebriefed our volunteers this morning to make sure this doesn’t happen today. If you would like to speak to someone from Poppyscotland, our Head of Fundraising Colin Flinn would be happy to discuss it with you. He will be in the office next week and his number is 0131 550 1551.

  3. Such a marvellous display. Well done Edinburgh! As a frequent traveller over the border I totally applaud your efforts. There are all too few efforts by councils up and down the country to make such an attractive display of our wild flowers. As I travel all over England Wales and Scotland installing satellite I see a few seaside towns displaying well and amazingly my own Rotherham now has incredible shows of colour on all our dual carriageways for the second year , proving very popular with residents

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