Capability Scotland is hoping to hit the right note with its Commonwealth Games celebrations.

The disability charity has been awarded Celebrate it funding from the Big Lottery Fund to write a Song for the Commonwealth.

The project will bring together the creativity and talent of individuals who use Capability Scotland services across Scotland including individuals who the organisation’s New Trinity Service in Edinburgh.

The finished song will be recorded in a studio and performed at Capability Scotland’s very own Commonwealth Games ‘Closing Ceremony’ in July at Capability Scotland’s Upper Springland Service in Perth. A short film will be made to document the recording of the song and this will also be shown at the ‘closing ceremony’

In addition to producing a ‘Song for the Commonwealth’ Capability Scotland is also hoping to use part of the funding to increase opportunities for the people who use its services to participate in inclusive sports.  A Commonwealth Games week has been planned across Scotland in which individuals can take part in taster sessions of different sports.

Capability Scotland, Chief Executive, Dana O’ Dwyer said: “Thank you to the Big Lottery for enabling our customers to have a voice. Customers from five Capability Scotland services will join the project, to have fun, make friendships and feel part of the Commonwealth Games. They will bring their creativity and passion for music together, while they work on a wonderful song for the Capability Scotland ‘Closing Ceremony.”

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