To mark the mention of Edinburgh’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Ian Rankin’s ‘Saints of the Shadow  Bible’ the author was invited to help create a cocktail in the style of the iconic Rebus.

Ian Rankin spent time with Caley Bar Manager, Michael Nawrot, finessing the taste which Rebus would enjoy and The Rebus Rob Roy is the result!

Ian Rankin said: : ‘Rebus is in many ways a complex character, but not when it comes to drinks. He’d want beer and whisky, so we’ve given him the best of both!  He’d also want something redolent of Edinburgh – able to warm a body when the weather outside is dreich. This is a full-blooded drink, to be sipped slowly, maybe while enjoying a good read…’

Dale MacPhee, General Manager of the luxury five star hotel, said: ‘I was engrossed in Ian’s book when I came across the reference to our hotel, what an amazing honour!  Ian’s books sell internationally and I’m sure that many of our guests from home and abroad are also avid readers.  I was keen to develop the association and after chatting with Ian himself, agreed that the addition of an exclusive Rebus cocktail on our list in The Caley Bar was a perfect fit.’

The cocktail which features 50ml Monkey Shoulder Blended Whisky is stirred with 10ml of Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, 15ml of Martini Rosso and topped with a head of Innis & Gunn Lager.  The Cocktail is a twist on the classic Rob Roy cocktail, conceived at Waldorf Astoria New York, tailoring to serve Rebus’ simple tastes.

The Rebus Rob Roy is available in The Caley Bar now priced at £10.  The Caley Bar is open from 4pm – Late Monday – Thursday, noon – late Friday – Sunday.



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