Quizzes have long been an activity enjoyed by many offering an opportunity to pit their wits against each other. The flexibility of a quiz allows you to organise or participate in one in a number of locations, whether it is at home or in a pub. The latter is unquestionably the most popular particularly in Edinburgh with general knowledge quizzes and the regular film quiz at the Filmhouse.

It is a really social aspect of many people’s lives, with friends, work colleagues and families able to team up and put their minds together on a set range of questions. Traditional pub quizzes are usually run on a weekly or monthly basis, with attendance figures remaining high, with people sometimes attracted by the prizes.  More importantly ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ continues to be the strongest quality of a quiz, as the whole event is built upon fun and banter in a light-hearted environment.

While considerable efforts are being made to transform the future of quizzes, the traditional form of pub quiz will probably continue to be used and bring enjoyment to ardent fans. Traditional quizzes using pen and paper to answer questions throughout each round, with answer slips either swapped between the teams or given to the quiz host in order to maintain honesty and prevent cheating. (not supposed to be Googling the answers then!)

The only thing against traditional pub quizzes is the ever-increasing number of people who own a smartphone or Android phone. Although every team is trusted to not use their phones or any other form of technology to cheat throughout a quiz, smartphones allow you to access information in a swift manner where there is good 3G or wifi.

With technology continuing to advance at a rapid pace in the current century, its capabilities and qualities carry the potential to improve the overall quality of life we enjoy. Our dependency on technology is ever-increasing, with smartphones and tablets being used on a daily basis to carry out a multitude of tasks and actions that are now essential to the way we live.

But their very existence has become a potential problem in pubs where traditional quizzes are run.

Instead of choosing to accept the potential risks that smartphones and tablets pose to a quiz, speed quizzing companies instantly realised the considerable advantages of such devices and formed an idea which could shape the future of quiz events. A downloadable app transforms your smartphone into a device for answering questions as each phone is wirelessly connected to a laptop or computer controlled by the quiz host. Every answer is sent electronically, with the computer recording the scores. This innovative method creates a fluent form of quiz which not only saves time that can be used for more questions and rounds, but also renders pen and paper almost obsolete.

The future of pub quizzes comes to Chambers Street this month where there is an Edinburgh pub quiz with speed quizzing offering local residents the perfect opportunity to have a go at speed quizzing using their phone. An £80 first prize is not the only reason why you should not go along and enjoy the modern day twist on quizzes!

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