Part of this year’s Previously….Scotland’s History Festival here is a walk with a difference.

Walking with Scientists; a two-hour guided walking talk.

Who qualified as the first woman doctor, and where is he buried?

What are Darwin and also Nightingale’s connections to Edinburgh?

What happened to the first prototype telephone?

In a stimulating innovation to this years Previously… Scotland’s History Festival, a specially designed walking talk will feature as part of the Festival’s entertainment.


A walking tour around the University district featuring fascinating stories from the lives of some of those scientists who lived and worked in this most beautiful and inspiring of European capital cities. Hutton and geology, Hume and philosophy, Maxwell and electromagnetism; and the medical exploits of Conan Doyle, Darwin, Sophia Jex Blake, Elsie Maud Inglis and James Miranda Barry are amongst the other compelling characters that will be explored. This enlightening and entertaining tour is led by actor and local historian Colin Brown from (0131-553-7473).


Running until Friday 22 November 2013 12 – 2p.m.

leaving Adam House in Chambers Street.

£10 (£9 cons.) payable on the day.