BeaconsBeacons: Stories for our not so distant future is a short story collection exploring the impact of climate change on our future.

Celebrate this collection with a live event on Saturday 26 October 2013 at 2pm as part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Novelist (and Beacon’s editor) Gregory Norminton, darkly comic playwright Julie Wilkinson and friends present fiction and drama, in a programme of reading, performance and discussion. Hear extracts from the fantastic collection of prose, as well as the opportunity to debate the issues and emotions raised.

The project was the brain child of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland board member, Mike Robinson, who said:
“This book is intended to communicate to the heart, gut and imagination, in a way that much scientific literature struggles to do. Some people seem to fear change more than they fear climate change.

“We hope this book of short stories will challenge, engage, amuse and inspire people and that ultimately it might encourage them to consider the sorts of things we can all do to be more sustainable.”

21 of Scotland and the UK’s leading writers, including Alasdair Gray, Joanne Harris, AL Kennedy and Janice Galloway produced a written piece for the assemblage, with various approaches to the subject matter.

From Joanne Harris’ powerful vision of a near future where venturing outside becomes a dangerous habit, to Nick Haye’s beautifully illustrated tale of the bond between man and nature, the authors have created provocative, funny, satirical, and deeply moving stories that bring an immediate reality to the problems at hand.

Submitted by Lindsay Corr