that-pair-never-liked-her-anyway_31379That Pair: Never Liked Her Anyway
Just the Tonic, ‘the wee room’ 15:40pm daily

Playing deservedly to a near full house, ‘That Pair’ pay homage to their dearly departed former Manager ‘Leanne’ in a funeral service of some style. The memorial guests are treated to a range of hilarious tributes from alter egos including the likes of Eunice the Tax officer, a pair of old-fashioned neighbours, a tribute from “mung beans and sons” which has the assembly laughing and singing in the aisles.

These ladies are bloody funny and the audience witness a pseudo-sexual chemistry between Laura and Kat play out throughout the performance.

A fine rendition from 60’s-esque pop duo the ‘Soo-Woppers’ leave everyone in hysterics and in doubt what to do with a milk carton, (you have been warned!). The yoga teacher, a pink-hatted country music duet from Ohio and ‘Risky Jizzness’ all play a raucously facetious part in the memorial service, (If only all funerals were this funny!).

A funeral fashion show interlude had the ‘gathered’ reaching for tissues to dry their eyes as more laughter echoed in the room (which was beginning to get quite warm). A light touch mickey take of fund-raising marathons tests Laura’s accent use to breaking point, again to the continued amusement of those in attendance.

These two ladies continue to aid increasing female presence in the quality comedy ranks. This is a very funny show, definitely worth catching.

4.5 out of 5

Submitted by James Stevenson