Lloyd Langford Image 1We’ve overheard more than one* Cowgate conversation this festival about people’s lists of 30 things to do before they turn 30 (basically a bucket list condensed into a smaller amount of time).  Coincidentally, stand-up Lloyd Langford (29) has spent this year attempting to take more risks, in a battle against his tendency towards introversion.  His methodology is not to bungee jump, travel round Peru on foot or experiment with double denim, however.  Instead, he’s just trying to be more of a Galoot.

A galoot, Lloyd explains for those who have not read the publicity for the show they’re about to see, is someone a bit silly.  Obviously your instinct is to be embarrassed when you do something daft, but Langford has a theory that allowing your inner idiot to shine through sometimes is a good thing.  To prove his point, he takes us through a series of anecdotes about galoots or galootish behaviour – some exhibited by the man himself and some by third parties – and their repercussions.  Hopefully by the end of the show it’ll be a little bit clearer it’s a good idea to be a bit of a galoot and take a risk (perhaps doing something about it when you really fancy someone) and when not to (say, in the company of a dangerous predator).

Langford is relaxed and cheerful on stage, chatting to the audience in the venue next door as easily as his own.  He takes us through a series of apparently unrelated stories about pirates, public transport, and pop stars.  The show is constructed to have a meandering feel, a bit like having a chat with a mate at the pub, and it’s a style he inhabits completely.   Everything feels very real, from his outrage at the smugness of Jessie J to his awe at the naivety of Chuck Wepner, and the audience love every minute.

By turns candid, silly and angry, this is a fun show with laughs all the way through, and definitely good value for your money.  Parts of it might even make you think.  (Don’t let that put you off though; there are plenty slightly off-colour jokes to balance it out.)

Go and see if: you’ve ever felt strange or foolish.  This will help you get over it.

Venue: Gilded Balloon Sportsman’s Bar
Time:   9.30pm
Tickets: Weekend (and 2for1): £11.50/£10 Midweek: £10.50/£9.00
Box office: www.gildedballoon.co.uk